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"Austin trio Migrant Kids make music in that sweet spot between rock and pop" - Migrant Kids new single Thread featured in All Things Go, see full article here

"They aren’t always limited to musical influences, either. Just place your mind within an ethereal realm powered by the natural elements, vibrations, and atmospheres."  - Migrant Kids featured on KUTX's Austin Music Minute, see full article here

"Their 2013 self-titled debut is a supernatural psych/self-described “jungle” rock stunner, intertwining breathy, atmospheric vocals and otherworldly vibrations, melodies and mysteriousness." - Migrant Kids featured on KUTX's Austin Music Minute, see full article here

"The sudden raising of the stakes feels like a loss of control, but the subtly crafted post-rock keeps it from being jarring, allowing the emotions to rumble forth in a way that feels natural and earned. That quickening of your heart rate? That’s your limbic system telling you that Migrant Kids have your attention." - Migrant Kids single Lucktear featured in Consequence of sound, see full article here

"The buildup is gradual, yet the track’s second half — a massive post-rock explosion — still jars the listener with its sheer force." - Migrant Kids single Lucktear featured as # 2 Top MP3 of the week from Consequence Of Sound, see full article here

"Migrant Kids is a concept record about the dissolution of a relationship. The use of emotions is conveyed by the mixing of vocals and incredible musicianship. This is the first I have heard of Migrant Kids, and it certainly won’t be the last." Migrant Kids album featured in The Aquarian weekly, see full article here

"That's why Migrant Kids' self-titled debut is so impressive: rousing emo-rock anthemia, winding instrumental sections and open ambient spaces add up to a vivid soundscape that towers over just about every other new act this year. " Migrant Kids album featured in Muzik Dizcovery, see full article here

"Beautiful harmonies flow into clamoring rock guitar riffs on “Lucktear.” “Canvas Of Me” wins the award for the creepiest/most deep thought refrain we’ve heard this quarter:" Migrant Kids album review featured in The Owl Mag, see full article here

"The pacing of the album also inspires confidence, showing both that the band is well-versed in its own strengths and that it's still willing to venture down plenty of rabbit holes." Migrant Kids album review featured in Sputnik Music, see full article here.

"Migrant Kids is not your typical debut record. It strives to be a grand artistic statement, and actually hits that mark repeatedly." Migrant Kids album review featured in OVRLD, see fill article here

"Two years later comes the release of Migrant Kids, an event that will not only be celebrated with the usual hometown release party this Friday, but also more unusually on Thursday when Austin Mayor Lee Leffingwell is to proclaim September 26, 2013 as Migrant Kids Day. For a city overflowing with superb musicians, that’s fairly amazing." Migrant Kids album featured in The Big Takeover, see fill article here



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