JULY 30 2015


Here are some photos from our latest recording session with The Bright Light Social Hour! We are working on our newest single called Primordial Soup and wanted to invite you into the process of the recording. At this stage, we have recorded all of the instruments and are working on vocals and overdubs. Sometime, you need a little back rub to get the vocal juices flowing. Thanks for the good vibes Jack!

JULY 15 2015

Behind the scenes of our new single Thread:

Have you ever been in a relationship where the chemistry was right but there were so many reasons why you shouldn’t be together?  It could be lifestyle differences, different directions you are both headed, or different expectations. Either way you know it needs to stop but it’s so hard to let go because it’s just too good! Anyway, I would take these late night motorcycle rides around Austin to clear my head. Sometimes I would use the excuse of going out on ride knowing that I would end up driving past her place and stopping by. It gets to the point where both of you avoid talking about it and going straight to the “good stuff” because sometimes it’s all that’s left. That’s where thread came from. I loved losing my thoughts in the loud motor echoing off the buildings around town.  The streets would be almost empty and I could just focus on the road and the city lights. I’d try to get lost driving down new streets but I’d always end up driving past her place and texting. -Miguel


I tell myself I’m not going over

I tell myself I’ll just drive around

Drive fast crash into your arms. It feels faster with the windows down

I’m getting closer now

This should end but we don’t know how

Two lovers hanging on by a thread. It’s just enough


I’m hanging on by a thread

Don’t say you love me Cause I’ll just kiss you again

And it means too much. It means too much


I can tell by your breathing

That you’re not really sleeping

Drive fast far away from you arms. Feels faster with the windows down

I’m getting further from you.

This should end but we don’t want it to

You remember last night when said nothing at all?


JULY 8, 2015

We're pleased to premier our fan-made video for Canvas of Me directed by Bryan O'Flynn. Thanks to all our friends, fans, and family for sending us your beautiful, brave faces.